Oh so silly it is, how you feel YOU are greater than the rest

So silly it is, how you think you will become better on your own

Silly it is, how you believe you are the one that the world revolves around

It is silly, cause all that you are is just a speck of dust

In this mighty mighty Universe. Yet

It is silly, cause you are the only YOU

Silly it is, how you are right here for a unique purpose

So silly it is, how you are the one around which revolves the world of your folks

Oh so silly it is, how you feel YOU are greater than the rest.


Multitude of emotions: Heart Vs Brain


There’s always this constant battle between the heart and the brain. They don’t always work in synchronization.The heart and brain are in a way like the famous “Tom and Jerry”. One cannot exist without the other, yet they never comprise and learn the art of co-existing. Albeit the fact that emotions are controlled by the brain, nevertheless heart is the one that feels it.

During the course of a single day we experience a multitude of emotions. It ranges from happiness, sadness, contentment, elation, disgust, anger, grief, desire, confidence, gratitude, betrayal, rejection, fear, honored, used and a plenty other unnamed emotions that we carry in our head and whose lofty baggage in our fist sized heart.

These emotions that we emote, feel or bottle-up is all that makes or breaks our life.Whether it is our ability to see the lighter side of the things during adversity and keep calm and carry on. Or cry over spilt milk is what makes all the difference.

Though the mind keeps warning us of the potential dreadful consequences we at times go with our gut feeling. Sometimes they work and most times they back fire. Yet we never learn from others nor experiences and keep letting the heart rule. Since the lame lingo trending is YOLO. The thing is YOLO but how you live that one life is all that matters. Not the number of after/before lives.

But what actually boggles my mind, is the fact that even after having a roller coaster of emotions in just a matter of 24 hours, the brain is still ready to tackle and take on another thousand while the heart has already sunk due to the overload, irrespective of the nature of the feeling.


Don’t you think its unfair advantage to the brain just cause its got better view of things sitting at the penthouse of the human body? Well, for the heart, living in the mezzanine has its own share of problems. Why does the brain have to add to it by acting like the “know-it-all” neighbor?

Can’t we have a better neighborhood only if these Tom and Jerry of a neighbors learn to “live and let live”?

My first BLOG award!


Yayyy!!! My first award for this blog! Incidentally this my 10th post!

Well as shocking as it is, I have been nominated for the LIEBSTER award! (A thing I knew existed only today.)

This award is a fairly common culture in the blogging community. It’s done as an encouraging gesture to motivate new kids on the block(blog)! The word itself means sweetest/kindest/darling, matching the nature of the blogger Hargun Wahi of LIVING THE DREAM  who was kind enough to nominate me. Thank you and am humbled indeed. I accept it.

 Here are the rules to accept and nominate further:

  1. Display the Liebster award on your blog.
  2. Thank and link back to your nominator.
  3. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers with about 200 or fewer followers and link to them.
  5. Draft 11 new questions for your nominees.
  6. Notify your nominees via their blogs or social media.

Since I’ve done steps 1 and 2, here’s step 3. The answers to interesting questions posed to me:

1.What made you venture into the blogging world?

Mainly I wanted something to keep my mildly creative streak intact. Also a hobby that was worth calling it one.

2.What do you like best in blogging? any memory that remains in your mind?

Instant recognition! Once a rather famous poet in the blogging sphere instantly appreciated my first poem here.

3.If you had a full day to yourself, would you spend it yourself or chill out with friends?


4.Has anyone ever made you feel on the top of this world?

Yeah! Several times by several people.

5.Ever had a dream that scared/amused you? Narrate it in a few words. 😛

Long ago when I was a pretty young kid, I watched a racy action movie. Like all kids, I let my imaginations run wild and ended up dreaming about getting beaten by a lorry full of rowdies outside my home.*Blames those masala Indian movies*

6.Have you made friends you cherish, here?

Yes I have, sadly not here.

7.If you ever hit a jackpot,what would be your first purchase?

It would straight away be an Audi/ Beemer! The fact that I am a lousy driver is another topic for my blog.

8.The post you are proudest of till date?


9.What do you like to eat in breakfast something specific ?

Nothing heavy but something filling. I enjoy toast and eggs, pongal and the anytime snack/meal-“instant noodles”.

10.Do you have a pet at home? If yes, do tell a trait you find amusing.

Nope. I like all animals when seen on 2D, i.e TV or pictures only.

11.Any Advice you would like to give to a fellow bloggers from your blogging experience?

Just keep posting regularly on topics, true to your own self.

Step 5: My nominations, some of the amazing blogs I stumbled on WordPress.

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Step 6:  Pose mean questions to your nominees,

  1.  How did you venture into blogging ?
  2. What do you like best in blogging? Any memory that remains in your mind?
  3. Ever had a dream that scared/amused you? Narrate it in a few words. 😛 
  4. If given a chance, what would you like to be reborn as?
  5. What is your favorite book?
  6. If you ever hit a jackpot,what would be your first purchase?
  7. The post you are proudest of till date?
  8. and why?
  9. What is your process of writing a post?
  10. Do you have a pet at home? If yes, do tell a trait you find amusing.
  11. Do you have any hopes of venturing into professional writing?

 Since I’ve completed all the above steps, now its your turn.

How to Ride the Cold…?

CAUTION: All the contents are based on personal experience, nothing is medically proven.(cos I ain’t a doc). So don’t blame the insomniac if you don’t get better. Continue on your own risk. 


Down with a bad cold? (In my case, worst cold!) Don’t worry! (*sniff* *sniff*)

Do these simple steps to ride your cold faster.

1. Just give ’em poor eyes some well deserved rest. Yes, nothing helps cure the cold like those few shut-eye hours. This also helps your nose, by giving it a break from the nonstop blowing!

2.But the resting part is not for your mouth! As they say “Feed the cold and starve the fever”. Go on throw away those sick diets and feast on simple, “easy on the stomach” stuff!

3.Let’s put an end to the sneezing marathon. What say? I know how draining it is after that sneezing spree. I feel you. But I don’t really have a cure for it. Try inhaling one of those ayurvedic oils or vapor rubs. DO NOT do this if you are allergic to this stuff! *haachoooo*

4.Grandma’s medicine: Come on. Do it. Just gulp all those hot and fiery stuff(kashayam*) she casually prepares. These actually work! Also anything warm and comforting on those dry throat. Even timely intake of hot water helps.

5.Gurgle hot water with salt. Yeah let’s revive our mellifluous voices. Enough of scaring people with your new-found robotic voice!

6.This one is personally very tough for me, but a must do.Blow your nose! Get the damn phlegm outta your chest! We don’t need you! However, whenever it comes, just show it the exit politely. The sooner you lose it, the sooner you can get back on life.

7.Importantly visit your physician and get yourselves appropriate medicines immediately! Without antibiotics it will take you forever to get rid of it.

You know how these things spread like wildfire. So before you pass on the baton, ride the cold away.

Now am off to ride mine away…So let’s start from the top, gonna catch my favourite zzzzzzzz’s.

Until i wake you, care & cure your precious selves!

*Kashayam- A special household concoction commonly prepared by Indian grandmas.

Back after a Blogger’s block…

Blogger’s block… Meh! I know. That’s a lame excuse. I’m sorry.That’s not what it really is.

I was a bit busy planning my uncle and aunt’s silver wedding. Well those of you who would like to know, things went pretty well and the silverweds were truly surprised and enjoyed the event. Considering that half the job was initiated, organised and executed by the youngsters of the family, I must say, being a part of it, I’m proud at the extent of success of the show!

So here’s something that resembles a poem and my current state of mind.



Happiness- Its a state of mind.

        Some say its a way of life!                                                                                                                                               

 Happiness-  Adds memories for a lifetime!    

         Subtracts negativity in the vicinity.                                                                                                                                  

 Happiness- Multiplies when with loved ones,  

        Divides sorrows when lonely.                                                                                                                                          

 Happiness- Is all you want, need and yearn.      

          Yet not quite sure where and how to find yours.                                                                                                             

Happiness- Temporary, if you look elsewhere.    

         Though permanent, if you look inwards.                                                                                                                           

Happiness- Wish you loads of it,    

          Hope you let it linger forever!                                                                                                                      

-Wannabe Poet


The Forgotten Armenian Church at Parrys!

Who knew Parrys, Chennai would boast of such an ancient hidden heritage site? That too bang in the middle of a bustling street?

Well to my surprise it does! Though it was my first experience of wandering in the renowned and over crowded shopping arena, I sure didn’t expect to catch an old world monument there!

The Armenian church was constructed in 1712 for the Armenian expats. But now its open not only for worshipers but also visitors. Though it looks teeny tiny from the outside, it is just compact and cozy in the inside.The Armenian architecture is not necessarily noteworthy, as it bears resemblance to Victorian architecture. But the main belfry is imposing.The main hall comprises of rows of pews, antique light hangings, checkered floors, and a balcony facing the narrow altar.

The church also serves as a memorial to nearly 350 distinguished Armenians who held high positions in their community.There is also a mural painting at one end of the memorial. Also, the pillars serve home for plenty of pigeons.

Though the Armenians failed to create massive impacts in India politically, they have definitely created ripples culturally. With monuments bearing testimony even 3 centuries later.


Antique, tarnished, wooden door at the entrance.
The main belfry which is rung every Sunday.


An array of tombstones of 17th century Armenians on the floor and a memorial of the former caretaker at the end.
Checkered flooring, antique lights and wooden pews inside the church!
One of the many graves, the church consists the graves of nearly 350 Armenians .
Mural painting
Mural painting


The church pillars also double as plots for pigeon nests.
A pencil sketch of the former construction of the church.

Introduction to the Insomniac-#2

Hi my fellow Insomniacs!

I have already published a post on my Introduction, when I started this blog just shy of only a week. So to spare the repeat of my narcissism within a week. I have tried to refrain from talking only about myself in this post and bore you with my plans and hopes for this blog.

But for the new sleepy heads, here goes my honest to heart introduction,

As much as I hate to say this, I am a bit of an over enthusiastic dreamer who simply cannot help procrastinating! As surprising as it might sound, I’m pursuing my undergrad to become an engineer! I like all things ancient or antique.I enjoy new challenges but lose interest quickly though. Thus this “blogging101” is not only a learning experience for me but a dare I’ve chosen to stare in the eye.

One of the main reasons why I started this blog is because someone in a sitcom once said, “You can fully recover from one addiction, only by finding another one!” Only to verify the said fact and to prove to myself that I can keep up a long-term commitment, I came up with this idea!

Also I’ve had amazing blog stalking experiences where I had some of the most interesting and lighter moments. Hope someday someone might feel just the same stalking mine…

This blog will contain tidbits of my life, my learnings, my interests, happenings in my city, my wacky sense of sarcastic humor and in short, my point of view of ALL things. Starting from day-to-day life activities to current affairs and if I like, even world politics!

I’d be proud if I can mange to keep this blog going at most for the next one year. I’d be happy to chitchat with like-minded insomniacs too.

If you are interested you can go to my archives to find my #1 introduction post.

Until I wake you

Sleep tight y’all!